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Saturn X Designs- Custom Jewelry

Dylan Grant

Our current The husband and wife duo are newer to painting art but definitely fell in love with the skill. Saul and Eulalia (Lila) Cortez moved to San Antonio back in 1989 and have been married for over 40 years!! they finally decided to test their skills in painting and haven't looked back. The originals in the picture above are available for sale along with a variety of high quality prints as well. Come by and see their work!!!

Thank you Saul and Lila for allowing us to host your art work!!

Local Artisans

Original Art on Canvas

Saul and Eulalia Cortez

Past Artisans

Our current furniture artisan is definitely bringing color and turning heads in the shop. The Re-Love It Team of Jamie and Patrick Dantzic do custom refinishing. They buy, refinish and sell pieces or can even do a custom job on one of your existing items. The style and design that they bring is unique and definitely brings a pop of color to the pieces that they work. See their other work and contact information on their Facebook page

Thank you Jamie and Patrick for allowing us to host your work!!

Saturn X Designs Necklaces. Most priced at just $15!!

​Furniture Artisan: Tiffany Haberle

Painter, Sculptor, Muralist: Ricardo De La O

Local Artist: Ben Ortiz

We are so privileged to have these 3 Local Artisans in thye shop currently!!

Our first ever Jewelry Artisan is Dylan Grant with Saturn X Designs. Dylan has been making Jewelry and Accessories since 2004. After a very see-saw journey in his life which included time in the Army and even homelessness, Dylan was able to find some solace in using his hands to create his art. Since then, he says that he has improved his style and made his spirituality his core for why he does this. He draws inspiration from his mixed roots which include Native American and Celtic influence. In his words, "I hope my pieces will make Your life more Inspired and Blessed!!!"

Thank you Dylan for allowing us to host your work!!

Furniture Artisan: Diana Patrick

   At SA Furniture Finders, we are lovers of the Arts in every form. In an effort to support and encourage others to, we have the "Local Artisans" section in our shop. This section is dedicated to showcasing artisans in and around the San Antonio area that do not have a shop, retail space or studio but work and sell from home. There is NO cost at all to the Artisan. There is no rental space fee and if their items sell, which they do, they receive 100% of the funds. 

     We bring in Artisans of all types- Art Painters, Sculptors, Furniture Painters, Repurposers, Jewelry Makers, Bath Product Makers and we are open to hosting Artisans of all types. We value and admire the time, energy and especially the skills that it takes each individual to create the amazing products that they produce. It is our pleasure to host artisans for a 2-month period and then we allow an opportunity for another to take their place. 

     Every Artisan that has come thru has been grateful for the opportunity, but it is US that truly are thankful and lucky to be able to host these amazing artists and their great products!! We hope that you enjoy their skill and items for sale just as much as we do. If you or anyone you know is interested in taking part in this opportunity, please come by the shop, call/text us or send us an email. We look forward to hosting you soon!!

We feel so privileged that we get to host such great artisans!!! If you or anyone you know would be willing to allow us to host your Art, please contact us at 210-803-1900.

Re-Love It Furniture by

Patrick and Jamie Dantzic


          Furniture Finders​​​​​​

Furniture Artisan: Margo Mitchem